EuroTour 2022-2025
About us
We unite people to create a better future.
Acting instead of talking.
Demanding changes from the governments.
EuroTour 2022-2025
The First Big Step of Humanity
What this tour is going to achieve
New Ecology Policy
Less impact. Strict regulations. Cleaner air and green cities.
Educational Reform
Up to date education. Safe and efficient schools for all the children of Europe.
Immigration Policy
Immigration that benefits the countries and the citizens.
Animal Protection
Regulations upon the animal protection worldwide.
Deforestation fighting
5 000 000 trees and plants to be planted in Europe.
Financial Structure
Start ups that are making our life better and safer.
"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."
Jane Goodall
How will it be
It is the best way to unite for better tomorrow.
45 Capital Cities
Special meetings with the Governors to change the policy and structure of Europe
7000 Towns
To be visited and provided aid in cleaning, planting trees, reorganization and restoration
50 Events
Conferences, concerts, exhibitions, charities to take place for stronger community
1 Billion People
United and solving the problems together. Every one of us makes the difference
Information partners
In the process of discussion
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